Only three guys left

February 17, 2009


After a long time news from Sheffield!

There´s much to tell what happened in the last weeks and month such as journeys to York, Dublin and London as awell as abig party in our flat on Martin´s birthday and a lot of visitors from Germany. We had a good start in the new year in our flat after all of us had arrived from family holiday in Germany and travels to Wales and Scotland respectively. Soon after our arriving friends of Sales, Gerald and Katta, came to our place. Sales was busy with travelling around with them in this week and even Martin and I joined them for a daytrip to York. Here some impressions of the nice medieval town in the north-east of England.

dsc042862 dsc043062 dsc043021

Then in mid January was a big birthday celebration in our flat. Martin became 25. Of course his friends brought the traditional sock chain from Germany. Unfortunately some people didn´t understand the meaning of having a party in strange way and destroyed our kitchen table and the bathroom door.

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In the end of January we went with some people for four days to Dublin, also a nice city. We went for a great walk at the coast one day and stayed the rest of time in the city centre to visit the Guiness brewery, a whiskey destillery and several other things. Especially the beer prices were impressive (5 – 6.50 Euros a pint!!). However, we had much fun and discovered the card game “Boeren Bridge” as our new hobby. Thanks Gertjan to introduce it!

group dsc04400 dsc04387

dsc04383 dsc04370

dsc04363 dsc04348

dsc04346 dsc04342

The next highlight was a flatmate-trip to London in the beginning of February. The first time for Martin, Saurabh and me to go there. We stayed in a good hostel and tried glance at all sights. At Saturday we had dinner at an Indian restaurant what made especially Saurabh happy.

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dsc04428 dsc04418

dsc00562 dsc004601

It is a pity that Sales had to leave us after this weekend, but anyway I think it was a very good time with him and we are looking forward to meet again in Germany in June.

The next weeks will be hard work concerning studying (finish the Final Year Project), but I am also looking forward to have again visitors from home at the end of March and in the beginning of April.


Cheers, Jan


Back in Sheffield,Birthday, Dublin … a small preview!

January 28, 2009

A small preview Video 😉

Titel: Dancing Queens (Indian Style!)


Saurabh aka. Partymashine

Christoph aka. Nölli

Regie: Flo

by Silo


Studies ….. visitors from home ….. three weeks to go!

December 2, 2008

What’s happening in Sheffield? Mainly I can say that its everyday life. The centre of my life has become the University, especially the library. During the last weeks we had to hand in a couple of assignments and we had our first presentation. The studies really take plenty of time but I become more and more used to it.

Beside the University I still attend some party’s. I have to, studying the whole week didn’t work. I’m niot sure if it was last week or the week before, some of our friends hosted a TOGA party. Sounds a little bit crazy or maybe stupid, but nevertheless it was funny. Everybody dressed up in a Toga.

Last weekend I had friends here for the first time. Niclas and Göntje have been here on  Saturday. First we had breakfast with my flatmates before we went to visit the city. We tried to get out to visit the peak district but changed our plans according to the early sunset and the long transfer time. Instead we went shopping and later to a pub to have dinner. Overall it was a great day and I really enjoyed the day and it was great to see a good friend for the first time since almost 3 month.


Now there are less then 3 weeks to go before I go home for two weeks. On one side I’m really looking forward to go home and see all my friends and my family but on the other hand leave some of the people I really like Sheffield in January so it’s a a little bit bizarre situation.

by Silo



November 14, 2008

To represent the german food-culture as appropriate as possible, we decided to invite our friends for a mantaplatte dinner, as you  could see in the last post. Wednesday was the great day. We had to make some preparations, so we bought 4kg chips, 2kg minced meet and a few bottles of ketchup. The german sausages had been delivered by sales parents some weeks before. All of us and our friends especially the italian guy guido had desired this date for a long time. We urged them to wear typical manta driver clothes and typical manta driver moustaches. Everybody loved this style, I suppose.

Here you kann see some mannis, klausis and even an addi…..

by Jan


Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages….

November 11, 2008



Buisy buisy buisy

November 2, 2008

What happened during the last weeks here in Sheffield? During the last weeks my studies became more and more time intensive. The difficulty is not that hight but everything needs lot of time. Actually I’m working more or less intensive on five assignments for different courses, for most of them I have to do a huge amount of litsearch, but thats the way studying in england is. So no need to moan.

And, for sure, there is still a life beside the university what I enjoy a lot. During the last weeks we had several nice ativities. For example did i get my first typical english food (Okay sausiges, beans and fish&chips dosn’t count) a sheperds pie.

And it was a very special one, it was vegan. Futhermore at the same dinner we have had a wide range of food from different countries like a spanish omlet.

During the last weeks we had a number of dinner with different people and different food. I spent a lot time cooking and having dinner with Sales, Saurabh, Jan, Denise and Johanna.

Last weekend we have been at castleton a small pretty village in the peak district on a “Teamwork and leadership” seminar. It was great fun there especially with our british classmates in the pubs 🙂

The landsacape of the peakdistrict is great, its a realy rough shape with a lot of stones and “mountains”. It very lovely but it’s still in england so the weather sucks most of the time 😉

Yesterday we went out to see an icehockey match (Sheffield Steelers – Somwhat Capitols). It was an experince but no need to do it again. The athmospehere in the Stadion was not very good, different from the german. It was match of the first league but I don’t think that the english league is as strong as the german.

Later at the evening we went to a houseparty of some other international students. It was a lot of fun and we tryed some of the stuff from Turner’s survival/care package. Thank you again Turner.

Thats it for the moment 🙂

by Silo (Martin)


Live concert at our place

October 26, 2008

On friday night was a live concert in our flat. Sales and Egbert “Gertjan” who is a friend from Holland were playing guitar. The girls were singing and the other guys were drinking beer and taking pictures.

by Jan